American Alligator

American Alligator floating on surface Bluffton South Carolina near Hilton Head Island.
American Alligator (Alligatoridae)

On our last trip to South Carolina. To the town of Bluffton. I spend some time in the evenings and mornings photographing some of the local alligators that live around the town.Finding them is not hard as they can be found sun baking on banks around the waterways.They are more active in the mornings and evenings before it gets to hot.Making for more interesting photos at those times.Watching them moving around their environment looking for food.

American Alligator taking in the Sun
Sun baking on the dock in the late afternoon.Bluffton SC

Both the photos here. where taken with a Canon 70-300 lens.Not getting to close and having a second person to watch your back is also a good idea. Unfortunately some people are feeding them. This makes them less unafraid of humans in some areas that I have photographed them. Making them more dangerous if you don’t keep you eyes open. They can move fast if they want to.

American Alligator laying in swamp near Hilton head Island,South Carolina.
American Alligator Bluffton South Carolina
American Alligator
American Alligator Floating on the Surface,South Carolina.

American Alligator floating on the surface. In the waterways near Palmetto Bluff. South Carolina.

Back of Alligator

Looking down on the back of this Alligator. You can see the small fins or spikes. Their proper name are Scutes.

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