Wildlife of Antarctica

When in Antarctica you see a lot of penguins and seals. Crabeater and leopard seals sleeping and resting on Icebergs. In the Zodiac you can get very close to these seals. Walking through a Gentoo or Adelie penguin rookery on one of the outer Islands or Antarctica Peninsula mainland. Making friends as you go.

Minke Whale
Minke Whale breaching the surface
Minke whale going under the Zodiac

Mammals like the Minke whale can be seen through out the day from the ship. Also coming close to the Zodiac without fear. The Humpback whale is also around in large numbers. getting very close at times.

Humpback whale checking out the Zodiac

Close encounters with a humpback whale. checking out the people in the Zodiac.

Humpback Whale
Breaching Humpback whale. Antarctica

Humpback whale breaching as the ship makes its way around some Icebergs.

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