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Gentoo Penguin
Gentoo penguins resting in the rookery

Wildlife of Antarctica

Mammals like the Minke whale can be seen through out the day from the ship. Also coming close to the Zodiac without fear. The Humpback whale is also around in large numbers. getting very close at times. Close encounters with a humpback whale. checking out the people in the Zodiac. Humpback whale breaching as theContinue reading “Wildlife of Antarctica”

devils Garden
Double O arch, Devils Garden hike

Moab Hiking

Have the winter blues got you down. Go hiking in Moab, Utah. Or take the mountain bike for a ride on one of the many trails. Arches National Park entrance is the closest to the town of Moab. Or the camping sites on the Colorado river just out of town. With many short hikes forContinue reading “Moab Hiking”


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