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Antarctica and Morocco travel in February and March 2020

Wharariki Beach Archway Islands New Zealand – Aotearoa

At the most northern tip of the South Island of New Zealand you have Cape Farewell and to the west you will find Wharariki Beach(top of the Kiwi’s Head)taking a short 20min walk through Department of Conservation land (Puponga farm park) that was once owned by the Riley’s. The walking track will bring you outContinue reading “Wharariki Beach Archway Islands New Zealand – Aotearoa”

Red Fox on the Hunt

Red Fox hunting for rodents under the snow   Watching this Red fox hunting for rodents was very interesting and entertaining  moving his head from side to side, listing to the rodents movements under the snow (about 2 feet deep) and then jumping up and nose diving into the snow and catching it on the first try,Continue reading “Red Fox on the Hunt”

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