Iguazu Water Falls -Argentina

Sunrise Iguazu falls

Iguazu Falls are on the Iguazu river that runs along the Argentine-Brazilian border and is the world’s largest waterfall system. And a is must visit the next time you are in Argentina. With one Hotel that gives you a great view of the Iguazu Falls. With early access to some of the Jungle walking trails that are close by.

Sunrise form the Hotel

Watching the sunrise from the infinity pool at the Gran Melia Iguaza Hotel that looks straight across to the Iguazu falls. Morning coffee at hand.

Iguazu Falls
Looking up river to the Iguazu falls

Looking up to the Iguazu falls. Argentina on the right. Brazil on the left. From one of the many walking tracks that can be found on the Argentina side. Devils Throat falls are on the right under the Argentina flag. Iguazu National Park

Devil's Throat falls,Garganta do Diabo
Devil’s Throat water fall

Devil’s Throat (Garganta do Diabo)water fall is the most popular water fall in the park. It gets very crowded and very wet on the viewing platform. Being on the first train that leaves in the morning helps. Also having a local guide is even better. With their knowledge of the area on both sides of the river. Pointing out and finding the wildlife that live in the area. They can organize transport and take you over to the Brazilian side. Guiding you through passport control a little faster. As it gets very busy.

Iguazu falls from Brazilian side
Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian side

Looking up river to the Devil’s Throat falls from the Brazilian side lookout. A good viewing point to see the size of the water falls and Iguazu river.

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