The Farrier

Farrier shoeing horse

The Farrier is a very important part the the equine industry. With some veterinarian skills he or she can look after your horses hooves. From timing hooves to making shoes for problem feet. Protecting hooves for trail and working horses. Stopping wear on performance horses. These men and woman have a very important part to play in keeping your horses hooves in the best condition possible.

The Farrier above is sizing the shoe. After heating the shoe up he will press the hot shoe onto the hoof to see where the hoof needs to be trimmed. Then using his blacksmithing skills to altered the shoe to match the hoof. This does not hurt the horse.

Heating up the shoe
Heating up the Shoe

Heating up the shoe before using his blacksmithing skills on the anvil. To resize and alter the shoe to fit the hoof.

working on the Anvil
Working the shoe on the Anvil
Filing Horse hoof
Using a Rasp the file the Hoof

Using a rasp. The farrier will now fine turn the hoof before the metal shoe is fitted. The final stage is nailing the shoe onto the hoof. This does not hurt the horse. The nail goes through the side wall of the hoof and the end is then broken off. Depending on how fast the hoof grows this can be done again in around 6 to 12 weeks. Performance horses can be shod more often.

Nailing on shoe
Nailing the show to the Hoof

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