Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

The Conservatory in the Botanical Gardens A Great way to spend the day around Los Angeles for Art Lovers and Botanical Garden fans. Not far from Pasadena in San Marino you will find the the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens on 120 acres of well keep grounds. not counting the work that is being doneContinue reading “Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens”

The Wildlife Around Us

Over the last month we have had this Coyote coming into our back yard for the shade. As long as you are on the tractor or using the mower he just walks pass and takes his spot under the trees for the hottest part of the day. California Coyote Another visitor is the the RedContinue reading “The Wildlife Around Us”

Western Fence Lizard

Male Western Fence Lizard   Western Fence Lizard  They are called Western Fence lizard. Pacific Fence lizard or California Fence Lizard. Whatever you like to call these guys. They make great subjects to photograph. As they sit on their tree stump or rock soaking up the the morning sun. The males do their pushups to impress the ladies. YouContinue reading “Western Fence Lizard”