Cats Of Morocco

Cats of Morocco

Cats of Morocco. One of the first things you will notice in Morocco is the large number of cats and dogs that are found around the towns and cities. Most, if not all house holds have one or two cats. Cats that wonder the streets and alleys from Casablanca to the Sahara are given food by shop keepers. leftovers from restaurants, Butchers and fish markets. you can find cats waiting patiently for food to be handed out. As cats are part of the Moroccan culture you’ll find cats mingling with the locals in all aspects of daily life without a second thought from the local people. Not once did I see a cat mistreated in the 3 weeks I was there.

The Cats of Morocco
One eyed
Cat, Fes Medina
Cat waiting at Door Morocco Cats of Morocco
Waiting to be let in

Waiting to be let in at the end of the day. Fes

Cats of Morocco
Taking in the sun.

Taking in the sun. Marrakesh

Cat waiting for food at fish Market Essaouira Morocco,Cats of Morocco
Waiting for food

Cat waiting for food in the Fish Market in Essaouira. Morocco You can check out my Cat Gallery Here

Cats of Morocco, Cats of Chefchaouen
Cats of Morocco, Cats of Chefchaouen

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