Moose in Colorado

Morning surprise. Moose feeding on the edge of the lake. On a short trip to Buena Vista in Colorado. We drove up to Cottonwood Lake, west of the town on 306. Turn right on W Main Street, at lights. If coming from the North. Follow the road up until you come across the sign to the lake on the left. Then it’s a gravel road up to the lake.

Female Moose
Moose feeding. Cottonwood Lake Colorado

Young Female Moose feeding

Moose feeding on edge of lake in Colorado
Moose feeding on edge of Cottonwood Lake CO
Cottonwood Lake Moose
Moose. Cottonwood Lake
Moose feeding cottonwood lake Colorado USA
Moose – cottonwood Lake Colorado

Deer can also be found feeding along the edge of Cottonwood Lake.

Mule Deer
Mule Deer making its way through the water

If no wildlife can be found. Cottonwood Lake is a great place to go fishing. Hike around the lake edge. Take in the great vistas from the lake, of the mountains. Get your coffee from Brown Dog coffee and go check it out.

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