Antarctica: Ice and Snow Landscapes

Antarctica glacier landscape
Start of Gunnel Channel
The Start of the Gunnel Channel

Leaving Ushuaia, Argentina. It took the ship 2 days at sea to cross the Drake passage to the top of the Antarctic peninsula. Weather and sea where kind with only a 4 to 5 meter swell. Heading south to the Antarctic circle and the wonders of Icebergs and landscapes of ice and snow.

Exploring the Icebergs
Giant Iceberg floating off shore

Icebergs of all sizes and shapes can be seen from the ship. It’s when you see them up close from the zodiac. that you can really appreciate the size and shapes that they come in.

Blue Ice
One of the many Blue Icebergs we came across

One of the many bright blue colored Icebergs that we came across. Some are so bright they stand out like a blue spotlight on the white landscape. If there was only one thing that you could takeaway from Antarctica. The size of the Icebergs and Glaciers would be one.

Antarctica Landscape
Face of Glacier

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