Redwood National Park

After a long 12 hour drive up from Southern California, I got into Crescent City to meet up with a friend that had driven south from Idaho and we were both glad to be out of our cars.
The next morning it was coffee in town for the morning heart starter and a look around Crescent city, first stop was Battery Point Lighthouse. Sitting on a small island just off shore. when the tide is in, the only way over would of been to swim, “note to self check tide table next time,” would of been nice to get across. Make time to check out the group of seals living in the harbor enjoying leftovers from the fishermen.

Battery point lighthouse in Crescent City - Northern California
Battery Point Lighthouse – taken from the breakwater across from the island

Redwood National Park – Northern California

Making our way down the coast on a very misty morning, stopping at False Klamath Cove for a walk out to the point and a look around Lagoon Creek.

false Klamath Cove next to the 101 Hwy
Looking down onto False Klamath Cove 

Places to visit Redwood National Park

Trees of Mystery is a self guided walk through the Redwood ($15pp) and a ride to the top of the hill on the Skytrail gondola very enjoyable. (check out Paul Bunyan and Babe)

After the trees of mystery. driving to Klamath was the next stop for fuel, just over the bridge going south. Make a right turn and take the Coastal Drive road that follows the coast for a few miles some great vistas of the coast. Also a great spot to watch the salmon fisherman and seals competing for fish. (when in season) Also check out the old WW2 radar station.

Northern California coast line look north from the Coastal Drive Rd
View from the Coastal Drive Rd – looking north


Elk Prairie was our camping spot for the next 2 nights,  it’s great camping under the giant trees. Another good spot is Mill Creek. From Elk Prairie you can do the Cal-Barrel road, drive over to Gold Bluffs Beach (the road is dirt) and do the short hike to Fern Canyon and check out the Beach. There is also camping there.

Gold Bluffs Beach, Redwood National Park
Gold Bluffs Beach – Redwood National Park

Also close by is Lady Bird Johnson Grove on Bald Hills Rd (great view at the top of Bald Hills Rd) Elk Meadows, watch the Elk feed in the afternoon/evenings.
Two of the Hikes I enjoyed the most were Damnation creek trail and Boy Scout trail both about 3 miles each way, there are also loads of smaller walks around if you just want to take is easy. Remember to put your arms around a tree and give it a hug (probably have to be a group hug unless you find a small tree)  enjoy. Now for that long drive back to work.

Misty morning hike on the Damnation Creek Trail
Misty Morning hike on the Damnation Creek Trail

Damnation Creek Trail meets the Ocean  - Redwood National Park
End of Damnation trail
A misty morning at the end of Damnation Creek Trail

Redwood Sorrel at the base of a Redwood tree - Redwood National Park
Sorrel around the Base of Redwood tree
Redwood Sorrel(Oxalis oregana) at the base of a Redwood tree    

Redwood National Park – Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park – Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park

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