Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens San Marino
The Conservatory in the Botanical Gardens

A Great way to spend the day around Los Angeles for Art Lovers and Botanical Garden fans.

Not far from Pasadena in San Marino you will find the the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens on 120 acres of well keep grounds. not counting the work that is being done on the ground at the time.
First off I’am not the library and art collection type of person, however I did walk through most of the indoor exhibits, but at a faster pace than most stopping at the more well know bits “Gainsborough’s Blue Boy and Lawrence’s Pinkie, Gutenberg Bible on Vellum. (well cultured now you say)

Bamboo and Graffiti in the Botanical Gardens
Bamboo and Graffiti

The Botanical Gardens part that I liked the most was the Chinese Garden and the Australian Garden, there was an abundance of wildlife to check out, from local resident birds to the hummingbirds buzzing around in front of us, and the lizards that were scurrying across the walkways and between the cactus, stopping for a quick look up and then carry on their way. Not a bad way to spend 4 hours or so.

Koi fish and lilies in the ponds at Botanical Gardens
Koi fish and lilies

Next time. I would go on a weekday with gates opening at 10am. Take a zoom lens for the hummingbirds and Lizard. Tripod and my Gopro for some time-lapse. the photos here were taken with a Sigma wide angle 17 – 70 that I was testing and using for the first time. (very pleased with it)

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