Western Fence Lizard

Western fence lizard sitting on a post
Male Western Fence Lizard


Western Fence Lizard

 They are called Western Fence lizard. Pacific Fence lizard or California Fence Lizard. Whatever you like to call these guys. They make great subjects to photograph. As they sit on their tree stump or rock soaking up the the morning sun. The males do their pushups to impress the ladies. You can get quite close to them and over time they don’t seem to mine you being around.
       On this particular day he was out sunning himself. Trying to impress everything that walked passed. After setting up the tripod and camera this little guy seem to get more friendlier and came out for longer periods of time enjoying the spotlight.
       I was using a Canon 7D and Sigma 50 to 500 zoom lens for these shots, photos taken in the morning around 8am, Setting ISO 800 | 500mm | f/14 | 1/400     

male western fence lizard on tree stump
Male Western Fence Lizard
  Larger photos can be seen at Wild Frog Photography 

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