Small Cameras are Great

swimming in the clear water's off Zanzibar
Swimming in the Clear water’s off Zanzibar (fujifilm XP)

Small Cameras are the Best

         Traveling for 6 months in Africa (Self drive and Tour Operator) We wanted a camera that you could carry everywhere, besides your main camera and this is what I came up with, a Fujifilm XP water/shock/dust and freeze proof, great for your pocket, I even carried it in my boot sock. walking around in towns/cities you stand out and scream rob me if you have a big DSLR hanging around your neck (with a group it’s safer ) and I have seen this happen on a number of occasions and even warned one guy not to take his camera into town, he came back without it and had only just started his trip.
     With this camera we only used 2G cards just in case it did get taken, so we wouldn’t lose to many photos in one hit (cards are cheap)   

Sand Dunes of Sossusviei in Namibia
Dune 45
The Sand Dunes of Sossusviei in the Namibia Desert (fujifilm XP)

Dune 45 in Sossusviei, part of the Namibia Desert was another great reason to have a camera of this type with you. SAND

Namibia -Angola river float
floating down the river between Namibia and Angola
Namibia / Angola river Float (fijifilm XP)

What ever brand you choose it is a must have camera on any big or small trip, the benefits outweigh the negatives.
Keep it in your pocket, your sock, or down the front of your swimmers
It’s better to have something than nothing.  

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