Burrowing Owls of Yuma, Arizona

Burrowing Owls of Yuma Arizona.

On my visits to Yuma Arizona. I alway take the time to find the burrowing owls that live close to were we stay and get some photos. In November the little family group that lived next door were doing fine. But by Christmas they had moved out due to the work that is taking over their living space.When I checked out another area close by, we found 8 birds happily standing in front of their holes. Willing to model. The only problem with this spot was the light. It would have to be an afternoon shoot.I prefer the mornings, something about the light at that time. The light was not strong on this day due to low cloud. 

Burrowing Owls (Athene Cunicularia) 

At this location they don’t seem to mind you been around if you move accordingly. After setting up my tripod and camera. I got around 40 mins of good light before the sun hit the clouds and it was over. If you can’t take photos Hang around and watch these little guys. It can also be just as rewarding, and give you ideas for the next time. When you  are in Yuma Arizona or the state of Arizona. Keep an eye open for the Burrowing Owls.

Gear: Canon 7D sigma 50-500 and a tripod.

Burrowing Owls Of Yuma Arizona
Burrowing Owl in front of burrow

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