Small Cameras are Great

Swimming in the Clear water’s off Zanzibar (fujifilm XP)   Small Cameras are the Best          Traveling for 6 months in Africa (Self drive and Tour Operator) We wanted a camera that you could carry everywhere, besides your main camera and this is what I came up with, a Fujifilm XP water/shock/dust andContinue reading “Small Cameras are Great”

Burrowing Owls of Yuma, Arizona

Burrowing Owls of Yuma Arizona. On my visits to Yuma Arizona. I alway take the time to find the burrowing owls that live close to were we stay and get some photos. In November the little family group that lived next door were doing fine. But by Christmas they had moved out due to theContinue reading “Burrowing Owls of Yuma, Arizona”